by Lyle Smith

PernixData FVP Updated With New Features

PernixData has announced the availability of the newest version of PernixData FVP, software for virtualizing server-side flash memory, with new features designed for ubiquitous storage acceleration.  With the updated FVP software, companies can accelerate any virtualized application using server RAM and/or flash, making it ideal for deployment in any server environment. FVP can also be deployed in conjunction with file, block, or direct attached storage, which allows for seamless integration with all existing (and future) SAN, NAS and DAS devices.

PernixData’s FVP software virtualizes flash and RAM across servers in order to create a clustered pool of high-speed resources that accelerate reads and writes to shared storage. By putting storage intelligence into servers, PernixData FVP decouples storage performance from storage capacity, which boasts 10x faster virtualized applications, unlimited IOPS, and 90 percent lower storage costs. 

New FVP features include:

  • Virtualize any high-speed server resource: FVP allows you to add RAM, flash or a combination of the two into an FVP cluster, creating an enterprise-wide acceleration tier that is completely fault tolerant. This maximizes flexibility while ensuring storage acceleration meets every budget and every server environment. FVP is deployed inside the hypervisor as a kernel module, enabling RAM and flash to be utilized transparently. No changes are required to the application, and FVP avoids the performance and reliability issues seen by alternative acceleration solutions that are deployed as Virtual Machines (VMs). 
  • Optimize any storage device: FVP supports both file (e.g. NFS) and block (e.g. iSCSI, fibre channel, FCoE) protocols, as well as local datastores. This allows for seamless integration into any SAN/NAS/DAS environment. FVP does not replace shared storage, but rather complements it with a new architecture that decouples storage performance from capacity.
  • FVP “metro clustering” for synchronous replication: FVP is the only storage acceleration solution with clustering technology that allows for synchronous replication between hosts for complete fault tolerance. With the latest version of FVP, this capability is taken one step further. IT administrators can software-define which hosts participate in replica groups, enabling synchronous mirroring to take place between the right hosts in a metro cluster environment.
  • RPO alignment for seamless asynchronous replication: The latest version of FVP software adds new tools to ensure write information stored in server flash and/or RAM for acceleration purposes is always protected when performing asynchronous replication between shared storage devices. This allows companies to get all the performance benefits of server side storage, without compromising existing (and future) tools and procedure for hardware-based disaster recovery. Most importantly, it ensures that Recover Point Objectives (RPO) are always met when using FVP for storage acceleration.


The new FVP features are currently only available in limited release. To request access to a version that includes these features, navigate to their online form.  

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