by Mark Kidd

Petabyte X-IO ISE Station XL Storage Solutions Now Available

X-IO Technologies has announced the second generation ISE Station XL, a pre-configured 1 petabyte storage solution that offers over 1 million IOPS across four 44U racks. According to X-IO, this release reflects the company's commitment to tuning the ISE Station product line to reduce cost-of-deployment by at least a third.

Designed for datacenter operators and cloud-based service providers, ISE Station XL supports Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft virtualization engines and can be expanded beyond 1 PB. The unit requires 34.56 square feet of floor space and 28 kilowatts of energy, producing a heat load of 95,536 BTUs. X-IO supports the ISE Station XL with a five-year hardware warranty.

X-IO ISE Storage

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