by Mark Kidd

Pogo Storage Announces Nexenta-Certified PogoRack

Pogo Storage and Nexenta Systems have introduced PogoRack, a petabyte-scale storage platform oriented towards government IT requirements that leverages NexentaStor ZFS and other open storage technologies. In doing so, PogoRack operates on an industry-standard hardware platform to reduce overhead for cloud, virtualization, database, and other on-demand data applications. PogoRack targets government IT environments that often face strict completion and budget requirements while also being required to meet operational standards and procurement regulations. According to Pogo, using open Nexenta technologies is a viable strategy for government IT departments to keep the cost of storage infrastructures within public budget limitations.

NexentaStor Features

  • 128-bit ZFS file system for large-scale growth with unlimited snapshots and copy-on-write clones
  • Support for NAS (NFS, CIFS WebDAV, FTP) and for SAN (iSCSI & FC)
  • Inline data deduplication and native compression
  • Hybrid storage pools to accelerate read and write performance on SSD
  • Integrated snapshot search performs indexing and boolean searches from the file system to search for files within snapshots
  • Block-level mirroring with remote backups and disaster recovery at off-site locations
  • Proactive, automated alert mechanisms
  • VMware, XEN, and Hyper-V integration
  • Stretch cluster deployments with real-time failover between sites up to 30 miles apart
  • Client-side SCSI UNMAP frees storage in the back end for thin provisioning
  • Site-to-site replications across disparate destinations with support for CIFS cross-forest (groups of clients) trust
  • Asynchronous replication between data centers through a Layer 5 multi-connection, multi-destination, multi-pathing protocol

Pricing and Availability

PogoRack is available now, delivered turn-key and ready to deploy. 1PB racks can be acquired for $385,000, and interested parties can submit a request online for a specific quote.

Pogo Storage

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