by Josh Shaman

Promise Technology VTrak A-Class SAN Global Availability Announced

PROMISE Technology is announcing global availability of its VTrak A-Class all-in-one SAN which removes the requirement for organizations to purchase a separate primary metadata storage server, secondary metadata storage server and metadata storage device/array to build a shared SAN solution. The VTrak A-Class is engineered specifically for creative professionals in post-production, broadcast, photography, editors and also IT pros that require robust performance from shared storage in order to handle the workloads with which they engage. The VTrak A-Class explicitly meets the needs of those working with 4K or 3D applications.

As that kind of Ultra HD content requires huge amounts of storage, far more so than more "standard" HD, the VTrak A-Class was designed to provide just that. Additionally, it reduces the complications that can come simultaneously with the benefits of SAN as it is a single unit with a unified management software. The SAN doesn't require any server hardware, and is highly scalable for a far lower cost entry level solution. Furthermore, the Promise offering enables multiple clients running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux to access a shared SAN filesystem over Fibre Channel.

For more specifics on what the VTrak A-Class offers, we'll look to some quoted specs. Per node, the system can deliver over 5,500MB/s for sequential read activity and 2,400MB/s for sequential writes - and organizations can implement up to 8 nodes. With 8 nodes (VTrak Ex30f series subsystem nodes), the total capacity hits 7.68PB (4TB HDD x 1,920). Promise also says the system provides 30-40% in power savings as it requires that much less rackspace (for additional servers and switches). On top of that, there is no additional cost of switch needed for 4 clients or less. Other features include:

  • Single pane management software to manage the SAN server, storage nodes and clients means easy deployment and manageability in a fraction of the time of traditional storage solutions.
  • Advanced defragmentation algorithm improves performance efficiency 30 percent over competing solutions.
  • Perfect Rebuild is available to reduce drive rebuild time.
  • Efficient and easy user management through LDAP Active Directory & Open Directory support, Access Control List (ACL).
  • Optional NAS Clustered Gateway.


Promise Technology's VTrak A-Class is available now through the global network of Promise distributors and VARs.

Promise VTrak A-Class  

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