by Josh Shaman

Proximal Data AutoCache 2.0 Announced

Proximal Data is announcing its AutoCache 2.0, an update on its hypervisor-based caching software that removes I/O bottlenecks and increases VM density and performance up to 3x without disrupting IT operations. Some of the new features in AutoCache 2.0 are role-based administration features and multi-hypervisor support which is designed for cloud service providers' needs. AutoCache 2.0 also supports resource sharing within VMware vCenter and vSphere environments, creates specific access rights for the AutoCache VMware vCenter plug-in, and it enables IT admins to modify host level and VM cache settings.

AutoCache 2.0, which builds on enhancements we previously covered, supports a caching solution for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi hypervisors, enabling support for a range of enterprise and cloud service providers. It operates with a wide variety of flash devices, and to meet service level agreements, the cache can be pre-conditioned for vMotion. For ease of management, it is integrated with all vCenter functionality in a single screen.

AutoCache is the only patented hypervisor solution designed to increase VM density in virtualized servers and accelerate business application performance. It uses algorithms to inspect all of the data, and over time it tunes itself (on an on-going basis) to continue delivering the best performance and greatest density. AutoCache also adjusts dynamically, adapting to changing workloads without hitting HA processes such as vMotion.

Pricing and Availability

Proximal AutoCache 2.0 for ESXi is available now with support for Microsoft Hyper-V available in Q4. Pricing starts at $999/host for flash caches less than 500GB.

AutoCache Product Page

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