by Lyle Smith

Pure Storage FA-405 and FA-450 Flash Arrays Now Generally Available; Purity 4.0 Software Announced

Pure Storage has announced the expansion of its flagship FA-400 Series product line with new entry-level and high-capacity FlashArrays as well as the next generation release of its Purity Operating Environment, Purity 4.0. The new software features FlashRecover, which is a set of fully integrated, space-efficient replication, snapshot, and policy management services that offer comprehensive protection against both locally and globally disaster and data loss. These advancements allow Pure Storage FlashArray to more fully support mission-critical workloads and Tier 1 storage use cases.

The FlashArray family of products is fully expandable and upgradable, giving customers the ability to non-disruptively start with the configuration of their choice and extend its performance and capacity as their application requirements evolve. 

The Pure Storage FA-400 Series product line includes:

  • FlashArray 405: An Entry-Level Array for Midsized Enterprises, Distributed Operations and Single-Application Deployments: Offers up to 40TB of usable space in a 1U controller form factor, making it ideal for top-of-rack and entry-level configurations. Running on the same Purity 4.0 software as its higher capacity counterparts, the FA-405 delivers all the power, performance and enterprise-class features of the FA-420 and FA-450 FlashArrays, with the budget and space conscious requirements of smaller and distributed businesses in mind. The FA-405 is also ideal for single-application starter deployments, such as VDI pilots or single database acceleration, and can be upgraded non-disruptively to a FA-420 or FA-450 system as a customer’s capacity or performance needs expand.
  • FlashArray 420: Suitable for accelerating consolidated applications and supporting up to 125TB of usable space. The FA-420 can be non-disruptively upgraded to an FA-450 as a customer’s capacity or performance needs increase.
  • FlashArray 450: A High Capacity, High Performance FlashArray for Large Enterprises: Suitable for replacing racks and racks of Tier 1 disk storage for consolidated, virtualized workloads, the FA-450 offers more than 250TB of usable space in a 2U controller footprint. The FA-450 is powered by two 2.7GHz 12-core Intel processors and 512GB RAM per controller and was built to deliver maximum scalability, power, and performance for large enterprises. The FA-450 also introduces support for 16GB/s Fibre Channel connectivity.

The fourth generation release of the Purity Operating Environment offers expansive and comprehensive disaster recovery as well as data protection and security features. Newly enhanced with FlashRecover, a native and fully integrated replication, snapshot and policy management service, Purity 4.0 was purpose-built to keep mission-critical applications running during a natural disaster, user errors, hardware failures, and malicious attacks. 

Key new features of the Purity 4.0 release include:

  • FlashRecover Replication and Snapshots for Comprehensive Data Protection: Purity 4.0’s new FlashRecover technology features data reduction-aware replication and snapshot services to deliver space-efficient, point-in-time copies and expanded data protection for local and remote data centers. FlashRecover Replication runs natively on FA-400 Series FlashArrays, utilizing Purity’s proprietary FlashReduce deduplication and compression technologies to significantly reduce the network bandwidth required to support disaster recovery. FlashRecover enables replication across the FA-400 Series in any combination of fan-in/fan-out configurations, and supports replication of a single volume, consistent groups of multiple volumes, or all data content on the array.
  • FlashRecover Protection Policies for End-to-End Protection Policy Management: Purity FlashRecover Protection Policies deliver simplified global management of data protection. By unifying replication and snapshot services into a single policy orchestration layer, FlashRecover Protection Policies enable users to manage various levels of local and remote data protection, and data retention by volume, consistency group, and/or array. FlashRecover Protection Policies are designed to support a variety of Tier 1 storage use cases, including disaster recovery for mission-critical applications, disaster recovery-as-a-service, multi-site test and development, content distribution, and remote office protection.
  • FlashProtect: Expanded Information Security for Mission-Critical Environments: Purity 4.0’s FlashProtect combines new rapid data locking and dark site support services with existing always-on data-at-rest AES encryption and high availability (HA) to deliver military-grade data security and compliance.

With Purity 4.0’s FlashRecover and FlashProtect technologies, the FA-400 Series FlashArrays now supports even the most demanding mission-critical applications and Tier 1 storage use cases in highly regulated industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, and the Federal Government.

Pricing and Availability

The FA-405 and FA-450 Flash Arrays are now generally available through Pure Storage’s global channel partner network. Purity 4.0 is slated for a June 2014 release. Pricing for Pure Storage FlashArray solutions begin at $3-4/usable GB, depending the customer’s configuration. Upgrading to Purity 4.0 is free to all customers with existing maintenance contracts.

For more information, visit the Pure website.


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