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QNAP Turbo NAS TS-x51 Series And UX-500P and UX-800P Expansion Enclosures Now Available

QNAP Systems has announced the availability of the Turbo NAS TS-x51 series for SOHO and home users, which includes the 2-bay TS-251, 4-bay TS-451, 6-bay TS-651, and 8-bay TS-851. Also announced are two economical tower storage expansion enclosure companions, the UX-500P and UX-800P. The TS-x51 series is equipped with a Dual-core Intel Celeron 2.41GHz processor, 1GB of energy-efficient DDR3L RAM (expandable to 8GB), and supports dual LAN ports that boast upwards of 220MB/s for both read and write speeds all the while maintaining smooth system operations even during intensive data access or heavy multimedia streaming. 

With its built-in hardware acceleration, the TS-x51 series provides real-time and offline Full HD video transcoding capabilities to convert video to universal formats on-the-fly or in the background on computers, mobile devices or Smart TVs. If limited Internet bandwidth is only available, users can still select a lower resolution to play the videos through File Station, Video Station, or the Qfile mobile app. The TS-x51 series also allows multiple users to simultaneously watch different videos stored on the device without affecting the performance of other running applications.

Users can connect the TS-x51 to a HDTV using an HDMI connection.  For those who are in different rooms than the TS-x51 series, they can stream videos through DLNA, AirPlay, or Plex Media Server. The Photo Station, Music Station and Video Station give users the ability to easily archive, manage and share all of their photo, music and video collections. The new series also works as an all-in-one NAS, featuring the app-oriented QTS operating system that give users the ability to centrally organize files and backups, sync files across various devices, share files with different groups and communities, and access and manage files on the go using the Qfile, Qmusic, Qmanager and VMobile mobile apps.

The TS-x51 also series supports storage expansion, which allows users to connect a QNAP expansion enclosure (the UX-500P or UX-800P) to increase the total raw storage capacity to upwards of 80TB. The new tower expansion enclosures, UX-500P and UX-800P, provide small office and home users with an economical alternative.

To increase the functionalities of the TS-x51 series, the QTS App Center provides users with various install-on-demand apps developed by QNAP as well as third-party developers, including backup/sync, business tools, content management, communications, download, and entertainment software. QNAP’s development platform also allows developers to create various applications.

Key specifications

  • The TS-x51 series
    • TS-251: 2-bay tower model
    • TS-451: 4-bay tower model
    • TS-651: 6-bay tower model
    • TS-851: 8-bay tower model
    • Dual-core Intel Celeron 2.41 GHz processor, 1GB DDR3L RAM (expandable up to 8GB); 3.5”/2.5” SATA 6Gbps HDD/SSD, hard drives hot-swappable; 2 x USB 3.0; 2 x Gigabit LAN port; HDMI output.
    • The UX series expansion enclosures
  • UX-500P: 5-drive tower unit
  • UX-800P: 8-drive tower unit
  • SATA 6Gbps 3.5” and 2.5” hard drives, hard drives hot-swappable, 1x USB 3.0 port, LCD panel, Kensington security slot.


The new TS-x51 series Turbo NAS and UX-500P, UX-800P expansion enclosures are now available.

Street prices are as follows:

  • TS-251: $499.00
  • TS-451: $699.00
  • TS-651: $899.00
  • TS-851: $999.00
  • UX-500P: $425.00
  • UX-800P: $830.00

QNAP TS-x51 at Amazon

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