by Lyle Smith

QNAP Unlimited Symform Storage Capacity and Google Drive Support Announced

QNAP Systems has announced that its Symform cloud storage backup integration has been upgraded to unlimited cloud storage capacity by trading local storage capacity for cloud capacity. Additionally, QNAP now includes a new Google Drive Sync feature.

Symform's service, provides QNAP Turbo NAS users up to 10GB of free storage capacity for cloud backup. With the new service, QNAP upgrades this offering to a free, unlimited cloud backup storage by users' contribution. By contributing local storage to Symform Storage Cloud, customers can expand their cloud capacity and receive additional capacity in the Symform cloud.

The newly released Google Drive Sync provides users with an easy solution for synchronizing data between the Turbo NAS and Google Drive. Users can assign a dedicated local shared folder in the Turbo NAS for synchronizing files with Google Drive; either by scheduling or manually. Any newly uploaded or modified files located in the Turbo NAS or Google Drive can be easily synchronized.

QNAP Turbo NAS also supports other popular cloud storage providers for data backup and recovery for continuous data protection, such as Amazon S3 and ElephantDrive.

Symform is available for all Turbo NAS models that are compatible with NAS firmware version 3.5.2 and newer.
Google Drive Sync is available on all Turbo NAS units with NAS firmware version 3.7.0 and newer.

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