SOHO NAS Reviews
SOHO NAS reviews generally focus on NAS devices that feature 1 to 4 bays of storage and enable SOHO (small office home office) users to quickly and easily backup their important data - whether that data is work documents, family photos, a music and movie collection or anything else that users want to secure. These SOHO NAS reviews feature products that have simple management tools but still offer a significant feature-set so that users benefit from robust functionality without being overwhelmed by complexity.
by Brian Beeler

Synology DiskStation DS411+ Review

This past summer, we spent some time with Synology's DiskStation DS410j, a 4-bay NAS generally geared toward small business and home users. Today we're reviewing the DS411+, also a 4-bay unit, but this time with a Dual Core processor, four times the RAM and a black case that shows it's ready for the duties required in an active business environment or use as a high-end media streaming hub. With full support for 3TB drives, the DiskStation DS411+ can support up to 12TB of internal disk space and under RAID 5 can generate 112.99 MB/sec reads and 103.07 MB/sec writes. 

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