by Bill Valle

Sanbolic Announces Melio5 Software

Sanbolic's newly available Melio5 software supports up to 2,048 nodes and 65,000 storage devices with 650,000 IOPS per server, and the software is aimed at reducing scale-out hardware costs for businesses in the enterprise. Melio5 improves the economics of deploying server-side Flash, SSD, and HDD primary storage. The theory behind the software is that installing flash storage arrays is overly expensive, exponentially more so than using Melio5 to accelerate hardware. So, Melio5 is designed to intelligently utilize a mix of storage to integrate both performance and security at a more reasonable price-point.

Melio5 Specifications

  • Scalability and Availability across nodes
  • RAID functionality
  • Remote Replication
  • Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Deployed on commodity and server-based storage
  • Enables server-side flash capability
  • Much lower cost than legacy storage arrays

Melio5 provides software to enable intelligent, scalable storage infrastructure that can lower the cost of ownership and maintain flexibility and high availability. Sanbolic has eliminated the need to deploy a redundant flash caching layer in front of a legacy storage area network. Melio5 does so by directly incorporating flash into hybrid volumes which allows file system data (random access) to reside in the faster flash sectors while the sequential data resides in far less expensive HDDs. This hybrid approach creates architecture that improves performance and limits overall costs.

Sanbolic has partnered with LSI utilizing their LSI Nytro accelerator cards to facilitate the deployment of high performance storage solutions that are highly scalable and integrated utilizing the new version of Melio software. Sanbolic and LSI have a shared vision of providing customers with high performance solutions with exponential data growth, increased availability, and reduced cost in comparison to the traditional SAN solutions.

Pricing and Availability

Sanbolic's Melio5 is generally available now. Pricing is $9,500 per server which includes one year of service.

Sanbolic Melio Product Page

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