by Mark Kidd

Scalable Informatics Announces 240TB, 4U JackRabbit and Record Performance with siFlash Arrays

Scalable Informatics has announced a new 240TB, 4U JackRabbit solution and updated performance data for siFlash that indicates sustained streaming data rates of more than 10GB/s and more than 300k random IOPs. siCluster systems assembled from JackRabbit and siFlash products are now capable of providing per rack troughput from 60GB/s to over 100GB/s and up to 2.4PB aggregate capacity.

Scalable Informatics has designed JackRabbit and siFlash to support siCluster applications in industries such as financial services, medical and geospatial imaging, scientific computing, engineering, as well as digital media creation.

JackRabbit is a tightly coupled high performance computing and storage platform that integrates processing and network connectivity at prices starting at less than $1 per GB. siFlash is intended as a metadata server for parallel file systems, fast NFS and CIFS data storage, and similar high performance use cases. Featuring PCIe-flash cards, SSD-flash devices, or RAID-attached flash, siFlash units have achieved random reads and writes exceeding 950k IOPs to and from storage using 8k block sizes and a 30% write mixture in manufacturer benchmarks.

Scalable is offering 4U siFlash-SSD units with up to 48x 2.5-inch front-mount with up to 46TB, or 60x 2.5- or 3.5-inch top-mount SSD drives with up to 57.6TB top-mount storage. All siFlash units are usable with siCluster and provide two or more 10 and 40 GbE, InfiniBand, or 8Gb Fibre Channel connections. siFlash provides NFS, CIFS support, as well as support for simultaneous use of cluster file systems such as GlusterFS, Lustre, FhGFS, OrangeFS, and GPFS with block-based storage.

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