by Brian Beeler

Seagate Business Storage 1U NAS Released

Seagate has launched a new family of rackmount NAS products in their Seagate Business Storage line. The 1U designs accommodate standard 3.5" hard drives and come in 4-drive and 8-drive configurations for total capacity of up to 32TB. As the name implies these NAS units are deigned to slot into small business environments that need a storage solution for centralized backup for Macs and PCs, file sharing and the like. The systems run Seagate's NAS OS and provide remote access via Wuala cloud services that supports both mobile computers and offers an app for phones and tablets. 

8-Bay Rackmount

Designed for organizations up to 250 people, the 8-bay NAS features enterprise-grade hardware throughout and is designed to deliver throughput of up to 200MB/s. Seagate is using their Enterprise Capacity hard drives in the system that are hot swappable for capacity upgrades or maintenance. They're also including an Intel 2.3GHz dual core CPU, 4GB of RAM, redundant and swappable power supplies, swappable fans and twin Gigabit Ethernet connections. The systems will be sold with drives populated in 8TB, 12TB, 16TB, 24TB and 32TB capacity options. 

4-Bay Rackmount

The 4-bay unit is targeted to companies of up to 100 users and leverages Seagate's NAS HDD that is duty-built for small NAS environments. Inside is an Intel Atom 2.13GHz dual core CPU and 2GB RAM. Even with the more lightly specced box, Seagate can still drive throughput of 200MB/s from the 4-bay NAS. At just 17" in length, the NAS can easily fit into a variety of rack sizes for flexible deployment. The unit will be sold in bare, 4TB, 8TB, 12TB and 16TB configurations. 

Pricing and Availability

The 8-bay Seagate Rackmount Business Storage will be available in October ranging from $2999.99 for the 8TB model to $5999.99 for the 32TB model. The 4-bay will also be available in October with an MSRP of $999.99 for the bare unit, $1299.99 for 4TB and $2499.99 for the 16TB capacity.

Seagate NAS Product Page

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