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Seagate Business Storage Windows Server 4-bay NAS Announced

Seagate Technology has introduced the latest addition to its business storage product offerings, the Seagate Business Storage Windows Server 4-bay NAS. Designed for offices or workgroups with up to 50 employees, Seagate's new 4-bay NAS centralizes storage, enabling access, collaboration, and the sharing of files securely from all computers within a business network, while simultaneously hosting PC backups in one central location.

Because Seagate Business Storage is designed particularly for businesses that have an existing Windows IT infrastructure, it is easy to expand into a branch office or to add local storage to an existing network. Additionally, with native support for Active Directory, the management of users is easy with a simple setup through an existing directory, instead of manually entering users for access and control on each device. The Windows Storage server seamlessly integrates into existing Windows environments, including complete compatibility with Active Directory.

Windows Storage Spaces helps protect user data by storing redundant copies on multiple disks, while the BitLocker encryption provides security from unauthorized access. Windows Storage Spaces also automatically manages installed drives, which gives users a blend of capacity and redundancy.

The Seagate Business Storage Windows Server 4-bay NAS delivers on performance at an affordable price for small to medium businesses.

  • Powered by a 2.13 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor combined with Windows Storage Server 2012 to deliver incredible network file transfer performance.
  • Featuring best in class hard drives optimized for NAS to support customized error recovery controls, specialized power management and vibration tolerance for optimum performance and reliability, Seagate NAS HDD drives provide the best performing high-capacity storage for NAS servers.

Support for third-party Windows Server add-ins allow businesses to do even more with a Windows Server enabling the 4-bay NAS to be customized for specific business needs. Seagate has also developed and included System Monitoring software, simplifying management by integrating the most common tasks into a single interface. In addition, the built-in support for iSCSI enables maximum performance and compatibility for virtualized environments.

Pricing and Availability

Seagate Business Storage Windows Server 4-bay NAS ships in a variety of capacities; from 8TB priced at $1599.99 MSRP, to a high capacity 16TB model for $1999.99 MSRP.

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