by Lyle Smith

Seagate Central, Next-Gen Shared Storage Device Announced

Seagate Technology has announced its next-gen, networked home storage solution, Seagate Central shared storage. It is first storage device that features a Smart TV app to access files on its screen and provides automatic backup for the entire household, access to users' multimedia files from networked devices in addition to remote access from outside a home network.

Seagate redesigned Central shared storage's software and user experience so that it provides seamless backup for each system on a user's home network, including mixed platform environment--Windows OS and Mac OS X. Seagate Central can also backup photos and videos directly from a user's Facebook account.

In addition to being a complete home backup device to organize content into one location, Central storage also has seamless media streaming capabilities. It organizes users' files and rich media according to media type, including videos, pictures, music and documents. Seagate then makes access this content easy by providing free apps for Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, as well as Apple iOS devices, Amazon Kindle HD and Android mobile devices. Central is also DLNA certified and works with Apple AirPlay; this means virtually any network-connected device can connect to it.

The updated Seagate Media app provides a user-friendly experience for accessing, downloading, and sharing files from Seagate Central shared storage. This experience is the same within the network or when connecting to Central storage remotely. Files are organized by category and folder view.

Seagate Central Shared storage will be available sometime in March in the following capacities: 2TB, $189.99; 3TB, $219.99; 4TB, $259.99.

Also announced at CES 2013 by Seagate:

  • The Backup Plus external storage is designed for direct attached backup solutions. Seagate Backup Plus is the first drive that allows Seagate Dashboard to one-click backup a system as well as an automated backup of Facebook and Flickr albums.
  • The industry’s first incredibly slim 5mm-thin 2.5-inch HDD, designed exclusively for ultrabooks and other thin client devices. This drive packs 500GB of capacity and is thin enough for today’s thin and light ultrabooks and even tablets.
  • For the first time, Seagate will also showcase its latest laptop solid-state hybrid drives (SSHD) and an all-new desktop SSHD. These third-generation Seagate SSHD solutions integrate solid-state memory and massive hard drive capacity with the speed that is expected of a solid-state drive. This results in higher-performance and greater capacity at an affordable price.

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