by Josh Shaman

Sepaton Announces S2100-ES3 Backup and Recovery System

Sepaton announced immediate availability of their S2100-ES3 series 2925 large enterprise, government-class purpose-built backup applicance (PBBA) featuring version 7.0 software. The S2100-ES3 series helps enterprise and government data centers to deal with data growth, risk, and financial constraints. Using the S2100-ES3, just one administrator can manage tens of petabytes within a single system. Significant upgrades implemented to the S2100-ES3 include: new processing nodes, enhanced network connectivity options, and high performance compression cards to nearly double ingest performance to 80TB/hour.

Performance is blazing with Sepaton S2100-ES3's HP DL380P Gen 8 based nodes, Intel Xeon E5-2690, 8-core dual-CPU 2.90GHz, and 128GB of DDR3. It is built for large enterprise data volumes utilizing Exar 1845 compression cards. The 2100-ES3's new nodes also feature four 8Gb Fibre Channel (FC) connnections, two 8Gb FC connections to storage, two 10Gb Ethernet, and four 1Gb Ethernet connections.

As far as encryption goes, the S2100-ES3 has new capabilities. With encryption of data at rest, the S2100-ES3 sets itself apart from the competition by being able to maintain performance during encryption. It also integrates with EKMs that meet industry-standard protocol. Encrpytion is an option on the S2100-ES3; enterprise and government customers may license it with purchase or post-purchase depending on need.

Pricing and Availability

The Sepaton S2100-ES3 with version 7.0 software is available immediately. Pricing begins at $355,000, non-inclusive of encrpytion licensing.

Sepaton S2100 Product Page