by Brian Beeler

Sepaton to Release VirtuoSO Data Protection Solution

Planned for general availability in the first quarter of 2014, Sepaton’s VirtuoSO Data Protection platform addresses the challenges of supporting and protecting enterprise data growth will support up to 16 Petabytes, and affords providers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with regard to enterprise data protection. Using the OptiScale File System, Sepaton is using an object store under a file presentation layer that is optimized for backup with fast sequential writes and the largest possible block sizes. The OptiScale File System looks like a POSIX compliant file system to backup applications and has a distributed cache-coherent design with built in data integrity checking. Deduplication is also deeply integrated into the file system.

Storage is managed in a single pool via a web administration console front end that communicates with a back end server appliance that can be housed in a virtual machine (VM), or dedicated hardware. For connectivity, a range of 6-96 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and an Open Management APIs are available to integrate with 3rd party utilities. VirtuoSO can support 4-8 parallel streams when backing up Oracle for the fastest possible solution with post-process deduplication. Compressed or encrypted data can be backed up either with or without deduplication and very fast file server backups with inline deduplication.

Pricing and Availability

Initial availability of Sepaton’s VirtuoSO Data Protection Solution will support 1-4 nodes and up to 2 Petabytes with a 1 node system and 36 TB raw storage starting at $344,500. Later in 2014 version 2.0 will support 1-8 nodes and 8 PB and finally version 3.0 will scale 1-16 nodes and support up to the full 16 PB of storage.

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