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SGI NAS Modular Open Storage Solution Released

SGI is emphasizing storage flexibility in the launch of SGI NAS, the first fully integrated product in its Modular InfiniteStorage line. SGI looks to capture a piece of the storage market of IT managers and CTOs who find themselves with ever-increasing data storage needs. Since so many industries rely on large amounts of high-availability data, planning for future data storage needs is important even during the startup phases. The SGI NAS is also targeted at established IT departments that know they will need more storage soon but don’t need to provision the full capacity of the SGI NAS right away. This solution is tailor-made for small initial storage that needs to freely scale up to multiple petabytes of unified storage.

Dense, Modular Storage

SGI NAS solutions are scalable from 50TB to 1PB with the same system.

  • Up to 243 raw TB in a 4U single 19 inch form-factor chassis
  • Single or dual motherboard Flexible deployments
  • Storage Server or JBOD configurations
  • SAS, SATA & SSD storage
  • 6GB/s throughput per chassis
  • Redundant components
  • Multiple RAID options - 0, 1, 5, 6, 10
  • Hot swap components

Hybrid Storage Pools (HSP)

SGI NAS utilizes both SSD and memory for caching which enables customers to use large capacity, 7200RPM drives with better performance than legacy vendors with small capacity 15K drives.

  • Main memory or DRAM is used as an Adaptive Replacement Cache (ARC), efficiently storing both frequently used and recently used data.
  • The Separate Intent Log is used to optimize latency of synchronous write workloads, such as NFS/CIFS and iSCSI/FC.
  • Add write performance as needed by extending the number of log devices
  • Reduce costs and save energy
  • 64% initial buy and 77% power savings

Compression, Data Integrity, and Deduplication

SGI NAS provides constant monitoring to proactively identify and prevent silent data corruption and additional data integrity features such as support for real-time failover between active/active clusters in different geographies as well as both synchronous and asynchronous multi-site replication capabilities.

  • Unlimited file size and snapshots
  • Synchronous and asynchronous/ZFS replication
  • 128-bit data integrity
  • Supports Internal RAID-Z and spares
  • Integrated Windows backup and restore
  • DTrace based analytics
  • Unified storage: Block and file

Standards-Based Open Storage Architecture

SGI NAS includes full VM integration with VMware, XEN, and Hyper-V, including in mixed vendor environments, and can be expanded to larger deployments with multi-node local and remote clusters. At the core of SGI NAS is a standards-based open storage architecture that matches SGI hardware with NexentaStor software to provide a unified storage solution.

One other key benefit of SGI’s open architecture is some degree of future-proofing. With the SGI NAS you are not locked into one hardware ecosystem for the life of the solution: upgrade with the latest hardware but maintain the same management software.

Availability and Pricing

SGI NAS is available for preorder now.

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