by Mark Kidd

SGI Supports Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor, NVIDIA Tesla K20 and K20X GPU Accelerators across All Servers

SGI has announced support for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor and NVIDIA Tesla K20 and K20X GPU Accelerators thoughout its server product line. The Xeon Phi offers over one Teraflop double-precision performance per processor to handle parallel workloads in an x86 programming model, while the Tesla accelerators feature the GK110 GPU with 2496 cores, 1.17 Teraflops double-precision peak processing power.

Intel’s Xeon Phi is architected to avoid one critical issue deploying accelerators: porting code originally developed for legacy architectures. Xeon Phi coprocessors can run many workstation software tools that scientists, developers, and analysts are already familiar with in order to streamline adoption of new higher-performing hardware platforms. SGI has been an Intel Xeon Phi Validation Partner, demonstrating the Xeon Phi on SGI server solutions for NASA, COSMOS Consortium, and The Genome Analysis Centre.

SGI’s new Tesla solutions feature 5 GB of on-board memory, and a memory bandwidth of 208 GB/s. The K20 and K20X are powered by NVIDIA CUDA and takes advantage of the new NVIDIA Kepler architecture with technologies like Dynamic Parallelism and Hyper-Q.

Intel Xeon Phi and NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators solutions are available on these SGI platforms:

  • UV 2000: With up to 4096 cores and 64TB of cache coherent main memory in a single-image system.
  • UV 20: Designed for development or field-deployed solutions, in a 2U package with four Intel Xeon E5-4600 processors.
  • Rackable: twin-socket Intel Xeon servers configured for high-density, high I/O or high memory.
  • ICE X: SGI’s high performance computing scale-out blade server.

All solutions are available with SGI Management Center and Performance Suite software as well as SGI InfiniteStorage. SGI Management Center Premium Edition can also manage all other system components.


SGI solutions with Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and NVIDIA Tesla K20 and K20X GPU accelerators are available in factory-integrated hardware and software starter kits. The NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator is available in the SGI Rackable C2108, C1104G, and C2110G, the SGI UV2000 and SGI UV20, and SGI ICE X server product lines.

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