by Lyle Smith

SMART Storage Systems CloudSpeed 1000 and CloudSpeed 1000E Announced

SMART Storage Systems has announced that it has extended its CloudSpeed product line with two new drives, the CloudSpeed 1000 and CloudSpeed 1000E. Both SSDs take advantage of the cost-effective 19nm consumer-grade multi-level cell (MLC) Flash all the while enhancing its base endurance with SMART Storage Systems' Guardian Technology Platform. Additionally, the new CloudSpeed SSDs deliver up to 5x better endurance compared to its competitors. As a result, this makes them the lowest cost per terabyte written on the market, allowing enterprise customers to better control their storage total cost of ownership.

Leveraging SMART's Guardian Technology Platform, which is a proprietary suite of enterprise features and enterprise-class endurance enhancement technologies, the CloudSpeed 1000 and CloudSpeed 1000E SSDs boast market-leading endurance from 19nm consumer-grade MLC Flash by achieving 3,070TBW and 7,680TBW respectively. This gives organizations the ability to significantly lengthen the working life of their storage systems and lessens the need to constantly replace SSDs.

Additionally, the CloudSpeed 1000 and 1000E take advantage of the SATA 6GB/s interface, delivering up to 500/450MB/s sustained read/write performance as well as up to 80K/35K random IOPS using the test methodology defined by the Storage Networking Industry Alliance’s (SNIA) Solid State Storage Enterprise Test Specification. It is built to sustain this performance throughout its five year warranty.

The new CloudSpeed SSDs also come with a full line of enterprise features, such as SMART Storage Systems’ third generation backup power circuit technology, full data path protection, data fail recovery, thermal monitoring and AES 256-bit encryption. The CloudSpeed 1000 is available in capacities ranging from 120 to 960GB, while the CloudSpeed 1000E ranges from 100 to 800GB.

Both SSDs will begin sampling to select customers in the latter part of Q1 2013.

UPDATE 8/29/12 - Smart Storage Systems CloudSpeed 1000E Review Posted

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