by Mark Kidd

SolidFire Announces Element OS Version 6 “Carbon”

SolidFire today announced Element OS 6 Carbon, the latest version of the operating system that powers the company's lineup of all-flash storage arrays. The enhancements include an optimized metadata layout for increased usable capacity, reatime replication, integrated backup and recovery with a REST-based API, 8Gb/s and 16Gb/s Fibre Channel connectivity, as well as VAAI primitives XCopy and ATS to offload data management operations to SolidFire arrays in VMware environments.

The SolidFire all-flash nodes are designed to provide high-performance storage services that are  scalable and automated with a consistent quality of service. Element OS 6 is supported on SolidFire’s SF3010, SF6010 and SF9010 nodes and can be used in both homogeneous and mixed-node clusters. According to manufacturer benchmarks, a 5-node SF3010 cluster with Element OS 6 with 60TB effective capacity can reach 250K IOPS of I/O throughput, while a 5-node SF6010 cluster with 108TB reaches 250K IOPS and a 5-node SF9010 cluster with 174TB reaches 375K IOPS.

New mixed-node SolidFire clusters can pool nodes of different capacity, performance, and interconnect protocols, allowing administrators to add and remove nodes incrementally in the future as capacity and performance requirements change. In addition to existing 10Gb iSCSI connectivity, SolidFire will now offer 16Gb active/active Fibre Channel connectivity for the SF3010, SF6010, and SF9010 arrays. Both iSCSI and FC protocols can be used concurrently on a single cluster.

SolidFire’s realtime replication technology creates remote copies of cluster data for disaster recovery. Each cluster can be paired with up to four other clusters and replicate data in either direction for failover and failback. Integrated backup and restore functionality creates snapshot-based differential backups directly in object storage to eliminate third party backup and recovery products. Data is transferred across the network in stateless chunks, allowing the synchronization to resume if interrupted. The backup feature is also compatible with S3 and SWIFT APIs.


Element OS 6 will be generally available in the second quarter of 2014.

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