by Mark Kidd

SolidFire’s All-SSD Storage Systems Support Cloud Deployment for Business-Critical Applications

SolidFire today announced general availability of its SF3010 and SF6010 all-SSD storage systems, designed to allow cloud providers bring performance- and uptime-sensitive applications like Oracle, SAP, Hadoop and NoSQL into the cloud. SolidFire storage systems combine up to one hundred SF3010 or SF6010 nodes over 10GB Ethernet, for more than 2PB total capacity and 5 million IOPS.

SolidFire’s new storage solutions match scale-out architecture with proprietary QoS technology so that cloud service providers can set and maintain performance for thousands of applications within a shared infrastructure. Both products run SolidFire's Element OS 4.0, and will be priced to deliver effective storage capacity below $4/GB and price-performance below $1/IOP.

Hosting business-critical and performance-sensitive applications represents a massive and rapidly-developing market for cloud providers. SolidFire’s all-SSD systems are designed to deliver guaranteed performance services below the cost of traditional high-performance disks with firm performance SLAs.


The SF3010 and SF6010 are now available directly from SolidFire.

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