by Adam Armstrong

Stratoscale Introduces Symphony 3, An On-Prem AWS Region

Today Stratoscale announced the availability of the latest version of its comprehensive cloud infrastructure software, Stratoscale Symphony 3. The new version of Symphony expands its software-defined infrastructure solution to enable a hybrid and AWS-based strategy. Stratoscale claims that the new version with its new cloud services help companies achieve agility, flexibility, mobility and short time-to-market.

Headquarted in Herzliya, Israel and founded in 2013, Stratoscale is a cloud infrastructure company. The company’s flagship product is Symphony, its comprehensive cloud data center software. Stratoscale states that Symphony can run on any commodity x86 server, be deployed in minutes, and provide an Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience with the ability to augment aging VMware infrastructure.

The new version of Symphony is designed to offer enterprises full alignment with evolving cloud services and fast forward a future-proof cloud adoption. Symphony’s ability to transform data centers into AWS regions, extends the benefits of AWS to the on-premises data center or to the data being migrated back to it.

Stratoscale Symphony features include:

  • Rapid transition towards an “all-in” cloud strategy - enterprises and IT can now transform on-premises infrastructure and resources into usable capacity that scales with minimal hardware and operational constraints. Symphony enables IT organizations to align with the AWS cloud vision while maintaining full control of all infrastructure aspects. Symphony offers IT organizations simple and effective single-pane control and ensures that the data center continues to evolve just as quickly as the public cloud.
  • Enabling cloud-native and legacy applications to reside side by side - Symphony supports legacy applications using existing storage infrastructure, and it also facilitates new cloud-native applications, both implemented on an AWS-compatible Region that is created on-premise. Symphony offers enterprises the agility and flexibility they have grown to expect from AWS in their own cloud environment. In addition to virtualized applications, Symphony supports containerized applications with a built-in Kubernetes engine.
  •  Maintain optimal flexibility going forward - by maintaining compatibility between the AWS public cloud and the on-premises environment, Symphony enables enterprises to immediately adopt a hybrid cloud strategy. Workloads and data can easily migrate to the public cloud, while other workloads can be maintained on-premises with minimal effort required to continuously manage both as AWS regions.

New capabilities added to version 3 include:

  • Stratoscale Symphony 3 offers unified and durable cloud-driven storage in which object storage resides side by side with block storage on the same hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Symphony’s container service offers a fully managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service that removes the operational barriers of adopting a container-based strategy by reducing the need for skilled and experienced talent as well as the lifecycle management overhead of Kubernetes
  • Symphony enables business units to leverage the same AWS DevOps tools they adopted for cloud-native application and implement them for on-premises workloads. By creating an AWS Region in the enterprise data center, teams can modernize apps and deliver them in a short time, ensuring a high level of portability and alignment with the AWS cloud vision.

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