by Lyle Smith

Synology DSM 4.2 Now in Public Beta

Synology has announced that the public beta for DSM 4.2 is now ready. DSM 4.2 is the latest advancement in Synology’s NAS operating system, bringing improvements for both home and business users at no additional cost. Synology’s Quick Connect--a relay service that helps users set up Cloud Station syncing--includes more apps than ever. It has also added support for DS audio, DS photo+, and the new DS cloud apps as well as Cloud Station and DS file. Additionally, users are able to remotely connect apps through their DiskStation without having to forward ports in their router.

Improvements for DSM 4.2 include:

  • Quick Connect adds support for DS audio, DS photo+, and the new DS cloud apps for remote access with no need for port forwarding simplifying remote access
  • DS cloud is launched to allow iOS users to sync files from their mobile device
  • Package Center is revamped to organize applications
  • Cloud Station 2 allows nearly unlimited accounts and folders for synching, and allows for files up to 10GB each
  • DS video is now available for iOS, Android, and Windows phones, and offers support for MKV subtitles
  • DS photo+ can now be set to automatically sync photos from iOS devices
  • Video Station’s new player allows streaming video to a browser without the need for browser plugins
  • Audio Station now supports streaming to Bluetooth speakers
  • DSM 4.2 also includes a number of offerings catering specifically to business users:
  • Synology High Availability (SHA) is now available on all x86-based models, allowing even smaller businesses to minimize the risk of downtime
  • Support for Amazon’s Glacier service for a more affordable backup to the cloud

UPDATE 3/7/13 - DSM 4.2 Final is Released

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