by Mark Kidd

Synology Launches Wireless DS213air NAS and Photography-Oriented DS2413+ NAS

Synology today announced the two-bay DS213air, the company’s first DiskStation with integrated wireless support, and the twelve-bay DiskStation DS2413+, with features geared for digital photography. Both devices ship with Synology’s latest DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1 operating system, which offers a suite of built-in applications and packages including built-in Windows backup capabilities from Data Replicator 3 and Time Machine support for Macs.

DiskStation Manager 4.1 Key Features

  • Shared Folder Sync synchronizes folders between DiskStations to minimize downtime during network and device failures
  • Media server package streams photos, music, and videos to media players on the network
  • Cloud Station allows users to keep files in sync between the DiskStation and laptops, workstations, iOS devices
  • Quick Connect allows sending direct download links to remote users without port forwarding
  • Surveillance Station allows the DiskStation to become a Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Web Assistant is designed to simplify the installation process, including by support for configuration via mobile devices.


With the DX1211 expansion module, the DS2413+ can scale from 12 up to 24 drives for up to 96TB storage. The DS2413+ is Synology’s first 12-bay system to incorporate USB 3.0 connectivity with external drives.

In addition to DSM 4.1’s Photo Station and Media Server applications, the DS2413+ offers support for business functionality including VAAI support for VMware, included LUN backup software, ADS support for domains up to 100,000 users/groups, and a Time Backup package for point-in-time backups.

DS2413+ Product Page

DS213air Overview

The DS213air is designed for home and small office use. The integrated wireless adapter can be used to join an existing wireless network or create a new one by acting as a wireless hotspot. The wireless hotspot allows file sharing without an existing network, making it an attractive solution for remote sites such as construction sites.

DS213air Product Page

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