by Lyle Smith

Tegile Systems Announces Support For Microsoft SMB 3.0

​Tegile Systems has announced that it will be supporting Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) 3.0 network storage protocol with future plans to develop storage systems leveraging several of the technology’s key features.

Microsoft SMB is a storage and network file-sharing protocol implemented in Microsoft Windows, allowing applications on a computer to read and write to files, as well as to request services from server programs, in a computer network. The latest version of this protocol offers customers fast and efficient file servers for server applications, such as Hyper-V. As a result, users achieve increased throughput, lower latency, and improved CPU utilization.  

In addition to the SMB 3.0 protocol support, other new features include:

  • Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) - functionality that will allow Zebi arrays to directly transfer data within or between compatible storage devices without having to first pass through a host computer.  This feature significantly frees up server resources while speeding up the process of moving or copying files.
  • SCVMM Integration – Tegile arrays can connect with the Virtual Machine Manager within the Microsoft Operations Console to monitor the health and availability of virtual machines through a central location, as well as gaining an overall view of an enterprise’s virtualized environment and servers.
  • Multichannel – increases the network performance and availability for file servers through simultaneous dynamic network connections to provide increased throughput, network fault tolerance and massive data bandwidth with low overhead.

Tegile Zebi arrays are designed to make server virtualization easier and faster as well as more reliable, more scalable and less expensive than standard hard disk-based arrays. By combining Tegile’s MASS technology with high-performance DRAM, solid-state flash, multi-core Intel processors and high-speed Ethernet or Fibre Channel, Zebi arrays allow for higher capacity and significantly higher performance. This gives customers the ability to manage more machines without sacrificing capacity, reduce or manage costs, and eliminate wear leveling problems and data integrity issues all the while delivering five times more IOPS in addition to considerably lower latency.


Tegile will deliver systems supporting SMB 3.0 by September 2014.

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