by Josh Shaman

Toshiba 7mm SSHD Announced (MQ01ABFH)

Toshiba is announcing its new MQ01ABFH series 7mm slim SSHD which comes in 320 and 500GB capacities, utilizes Toshiba NAND, and rounds out the Toshiba 2.5" form factor SSHD line. Toshiba has previously announced their 9.5mm SSHD from the MQ01ABDH series that delivers 750GB and 1TB capacities. These new SSHDs provide users with the capacity they need while still delivering plenty of throughput for multimedia and gaming applications. As with other Toshiba SSHDs, the 7mm MQ01ABFH series uses self-learning, caching algorithms to optimize performance based on what the users' access patterns are. As for the physical design, at the 9.5mm and 7mm z-Heights, these new SSHDs fit in ultrathin and thin notebooks.

With their new SSHD, Toshiba is aiming at delivering more of the performance users have come to expect from SSDs, while still providing the robust capacity they get from HDDs. Toshiba has optimized the NAND performance into a tiered-storage approach that users the speed of the DRAM and NAND in conjunction with the spinning disk media. To ensure compatibility, Toshiba also tested their new SSHD and proved it compatible with 175 PCs.

Toshiba’s new 500GB1 MQ01ABF050H model and 320GB MQ01ABF032H model will be featured in various notebook PCs, and samples will be available June 28.

Toshiba SSHDs

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