by Lyle Smith

Toshiba Announces Industry's Fastest microSD Cards

​Toshiba has introduced the world's fastest microSD memory cards and the first in the industry to comply with the UHS-II interface standard as well as being UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) enabled. Available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, Toshiba’s new microSD cards also offer high-quality 4K video capture at constant minimum write speeds of 30MB/s, allowing 4K/2K video, live broadcast and content to be recorded on high-performance cameras.

The 64GB cards boast a maximum read and write speed of 260MB/s and 240MB/s respectively while the 32GB cards offer a maximum read and write speed of 145MB/ and 130MB/s. These numbers indicate an 8x write speed improvement and 2.7x read speed improvement compared to Toshiba's current 32GB microSD UHS-I cards.  Additionally, these speeds significantly reduce the time it takes to download large data files to smart phones and tablets, and give cameras the ability to produce high resolution digital still images in a continuous high speed shooting mode. The entire memory card line also features cryptographic security and high-level copyright protection functions.


  • UHS Speed Class: U3
  • Transfer rates: 260MB/s read and 240MB/s write (64GB) and 145MB/ and 130MB/s (32GB)
  • Interface:
    • 32GB: Lane Half-Duplex, Data rate = 3.12Gbps (HD312)         
    • 64GB: Full-Duplex Data rate = 1.56Gbps (FD156)
  • Power Supply Voltage: VDD1=2.7~3.6V,   VDD2=1.7V~1.95V
  • Compliant Standard: SD Memory Card Standard Ver. 4.20
  • File Format:
    • FAT32 (32GB)
    • exFAT (64GB)
  • External Dimensions: 15.0mm(L)×11.0mm(W)×1.0mm(T)
  • Weight Approx.: 0.5g


Sample shipments are now available for chipset vendors as well as set manufacturers of smart phones and other mobile devices. 

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