by Josh Shaman

Toshiba Automotive HDDs Capacity Expansion Announced

Toshiba is announcing a new capacity for its automotive SATA HDD which now offers up to 320GB of storage and is optimized to handle a wide range of operating environments. Part of the MQ01AADxxxC series, the Toshiba MQ01AAD032C automotive HDD multiplies Toshiba's previous highest capacity offering by more than 1.5 times. The automotive HDD does this utilizing a single platter, making it the highest capacity single platter model designed specifically for the automotive industry. These drives are aimed at meeting the demands of the auto industry which needs HDDs to both improve drivers' in-vehicle experience and to support the growing functions and requirements for on-board technology.  That includes constant connectivity to stream HD movies and update navigation systems at the same time.

In operation, the new Toshiba automotive HDD can handle temperature variations of -22º to +185ºF and in non-operating situations, it can handle -40º to +203ºF. Toshiba also designed the drive knowing that drivers live in different cities at different elevations and drive through a wide-range of terrains. As such, the magnetic head slider helps the drive to withstand altitudes up to 18,536 feet, which is higher than any city worldwide, and to have a vibration tolerance up to 3G (29.4m/s²) while operating.

Toshiba's automotive SATA HDD also spins at 4,200 RPM for up to 976Mb/s using an average seek time of 12ms. Also featured, the drive has silent seek operation and uses a minimum amount of power.

Toshiba Automotive HDDs

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