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TwinStrata Announces CloudArray 4.5 and DRaaS

TwinStrata is announcing the immediate release of its next version CloudArray 4.5 which has been evolving to simplify management and now offers a solution for on-demand disaster recovery via the disaster recovery as a service enhancement (DRaaS). CloudArray 4.5 introduces a new snapshot function that eliminates the need for separate backup software and can save storage space by requiring 20X less space than traditional backup strategies. This new release also has an intuitive administrative interface which allows the users to tune schedules to better accommodate high usage time frames to avoid contention for data access with other applications. Schedules are managed in increments of 15 minutes and 1Mb/s intervals. CloudArray 4.5 also provides the next generation of dynamic caching, adding flexible volume migration and balancing across cache policies to meet performance, sizing and tech refresh requirements.


TwinStrata CloudArray On-Demand Disaster Recovery as a Service for VMware

With the announcement of CloudArray DRaaS, TwinStrata enables mid-market and small enterprise organizations to implement a disaster recovery solution at less than a tenth the cost of either off-site or secondary site options. Recovery of servers can be accomplished in 2 to 4 hours with near immediate restores under ideal conditions for environments ranging in increments of 50 VMs or more.

CloudArray DRaaS provides the following advantages:

  • On-demand disaster recovery of applications and data
  • 20X cost savings over hosted DR
  • Specifically designed for VMware environments
  • No dedicated hardware or infrastructure
  • No conversion scripting, complex, risky orchestrations or third party tools
  • 2-4 hours spin-up of application servers, immediate data availability
  • DR configuration and recovery plan stored securely in TwinStrata Portal
  • DR infrastructure enabled by SoftLayer’s VMware-based cloud compute environment
  • 24/7/365 support

TwinStrata’s CloudArray DRaaS is enabled by SoftLayer’s VMware-based CloudLayer Computing infrastructure, making it particularly well-suited for VMware-based environments and can work with or without backup software. DRaaS currently supports these cloud storage providers: SoftLayer Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Google Durable Reduced Availability (DRA), Amazon S3, Amazon RRS and Nirvanix SDN.

Pricing and Availability

Available on May 28th as a monthly subscription, TwinStrata CloudArray 4.5 includes the software license, 24x7 support and the new CloudArray DRaaS for organizations with 50 VMs or fewer. The cost for all these services is $0.19 per gigabyte of storage. Organizations can also opt for the Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) version for a fee of $500 per month. DRaaS is available as a monthly subscription beginning at $500 per month. Existing CloudArray customers and organizations with more than 50 VMs can obtain support for an additional monthly fee. Activation of the service requires an initial configuration and planning assessment that is stored in the CloudArray portal in the event of a disaster.

TwinStrata CloudArray

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