by Lyle Smith

TwinStrata Announces Free 1TB Storage Gateway for Google Cloud Storage Users

TwinStrata has announced it is offering customers fast and flexible access to data stored on Google Cloud Storage through the TwinStrata CloudArray storage gateway. Additionally, TwinStrata has released a free CloudArray virtual appliance capable of handling up to 1TB of data (expandable to 50 petabytes), which is available for download.

Google Cloud Storage is used for storing and accessing large amounts of business data on Google's advanced storage infrastructure. By using CloudArray, combined with Google's Cloud Storage offerings, users can gain immediate access to enterprise-class cloud storage to accommodate their data growth on demand requirements. It can also be used to meet their archiving, data protection and disaster recovery needs, while paying only for storage they actually use.

TwinStrata CloudArray takes advantage of Google Cloud Storage features, including scalability, flexible security and sharing, fast data access, and reliable storage and networking to help companies in alleviating the maintenance costs and data center overhead associated with traditional data storage and tape backups.

CloudArray effortlessly provides deep multi-site data storage consolidation and disaster recovery solutions without the high costs of traditional storage. The CloudArray iSCSI gateway inter-operates with many applications including the most popular backup and archiving solutions and features in-flight and at-rest encryption. Additionally, it provides compression and deduplication technology that reduces stored data volume by minimizing remote storage and bandwidth requirements.

CloudArray is available as a virtual or physical appliance from TwinStrata. A free, 1TB version of the CloudArray virtual appliance software is now available to Google Cloud Storage users.

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