by Mark Kidd

TwinStrata Announces Updates to CloudArray Software-Defined Storage

TwinStrata has announced the general availability of its updated CloudArray software, with improvements to file sharing across sites, bulk ingestion, and cloud-to-cloud migration. CloudArray is available as an all-in-one subscription that incorporates cloud storage, bandwidth, and unlimited software licenses, or as individual software licenses. Physical appliances are available for both editions.

CloudArray can provide block and file storage via iSCSI, CIFS, and NFS, and the solution now supports NFS v3 and v4 using AUTH_SYS and Kerberos security models. Its software-defined architecture is meant to span geographical locations and compute clouds, allowing administrators to designate whether data should be available for multi-site use, local access, or both on a per-share basis.

Self-service migration capabilities streamline the process of moving data between cloud providers and can be used with long-term archive solutions including the EVault LTS2. A secure import feature allows data to be populated on-premise in the form of a private cloud which is then shipped to the cloud provider, maintaining security because there is no requirement to share encryption keys.

Pricing and Availability

The updated CloudArray is now available as part of a cloud storage bundle starting at $0.19 per gigabyte per month. The software-only subscription starts at $99 per month per terabyte.

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