by Josh Shaman

TwinStrata CloudArray 4.7 Announced

TwinStrata is announcing CloudArray 4.7 software, an updated version which enables users to access production snapshots of their data remotely, and along with that capability comes new accelerated cache reload functionality to streamline disaster recovery and testing. Also new, CloudArray 4.7 features improved encryption key protection, fully integrated support for Cleversafe’s dsNet dispersed storage technology and support for Keystone authentication for OpenStack platforms. TwinStrata recently introduced its CloudArray Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for VMware environments, and CloudArray 4.7 takes the baton and runs further, extending by including the capability for organizations to test their disaster recovery plans by providing in-cloud production snapshots of data from a secondary CloudArray.

The TwinStrata DRaaS for VMware environments functionality enables organizations to evaluate the potential outcomes of disasters to see how they may impact company operations. The new functionality works with TwinStrata’s CloudArray DRaaS, as well as all supported cloud compute environments. Production snapshots can also be accessed remotely, and for organizations that want check data analytics online, they can used the snapshots for non-disaster recovery means.

CloudArray 4.7 also features the ability to accelerate the population of the cache with data from the cloud to reduce latency and enhance performance. TwinStrata, as an example, cites the ability in a disaster test to increase performance for the failed-over volumes, reducing time required to test or recover following a disaster.

Pricing and Availability

TwinStrata CloudArray 4.7 will be available in September as a monthly subscription. TwinStrata CloudArray includes the CloudArray software license, 24x7x365 support and TwinStrata’s CloudArray Disaster Recovery as a Service (CloudArray DRaaS). The cost is $0.19/GB for an all-in-one solution. TwinStrata's Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) CloudArray subscription starts at $500/month for everything except the cloud storage.

TwinStrata CloudArray

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