by Mark Kidd

Unitrends 7.2 Release Available

Unitrends has announced availability of Unitrends Release 7.2, the latest version of the software that powers the company’s Unified Data Protection physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances. Release 7.2 also expands Unitrends Enterprise Backup to support Debian 7.0, Ubuntu 13.04, Oracle 11g on Linux and Solaris, and VMware resource pools. New features are specifically aimed at small and medium enterprises as well as Managed Service Providers.

Unitrends Recovery 943 Appliance

Unitrends Release 7.2 includes a replication wizard to consolidate replication functionality on one appliance with a single interface, as well as the new ability to exclude a subset of VMware virtual machine drives from backups to reduce backup capacity requirements. A "Masters with Include" function increases data protection granularity, and thereby reduces backup size, via inclusion lists for file-level master, differential, and incremental backups in Windows: users can specify specific folders and file types to include. DNS and DHCP support for Windows should also streamline client management.

A new "Legal Hold" feature strengthens retention and SLA compliance through the use of backup groups that are configured not to be purged, either for a specified amount of time or indefinitely. Unitrends 7.2 also adds integration with the ConnectWise professional services automation (PSA) tool and remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems for Managed Service Providers. MSPs can monitor and manage users’ infrastructures, including backup and recovery processes, directly through the PSA or RMM system.

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