by Adam Armstrong

Unitrends 7.4 Generally Available

Unitrends has announced availability of Unitrends Release 7.4, the latest version of the software that powers the company’s Unified Data Protection physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances. With the release of 7.4, Unitrends has dramatically upgraded its Unified Enterprise Backup (UEB) and its Recovery Series.

New enhancements with 7.4 include:

  • Improvement in data retention– up to 50TB of data from both physical and virtual environments can now be stored on backup appliances.
  • Faster replication times – a new unified bare metal/master backup type allows faster replication from enhanced de-duplicatoin, representing "the most significant advancement in bare metal recovery since the company’s inception."
  • 100% recovery time advancement – eliminating the need to restore bare metal allows for physical Windows recovery in minutes not hours with UEB
  • Accelerated archiving – implementing a parallel configuration, Unitrends has expanded on its D2D2x archiving capabilities, allowing for jobs to execute at the same time.
  • Enhanced reporting – allowing reports to be created in Adobe Acrobat PDF for easy viewing, printing, and distributing.
  • Oracle 12c and enhanced Linux distribution support.
  • No limit Cloud replication

Unitrends 7.4 also includes Unitrends Bridge a physical to virtual feature. This new feature allows customers to transform physical Windows systems into virtual machines with a single click. This would enable instant recovery, driving down recovery times significantly.

Unitrends has also integrated its ReliableDR with its UEB and Recovery Series. ReliableDR automates testing at an application level, to ensure that virtual machines are working properly and making backups that meet RTOs and RPOs.

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