by Mark Kidd

Unitrends Launches Recovery-943 50TB Tiered Backup Appliance

Unitrends today announced the launch of Recovery-943, a 4U tiered backup appliance which supports a maximum backup size of 50TB and a total of 97TB of unformatted usable physical storage capacity. Operating system, metadata, and backup sets are stored on different drive types: SSD for the operating system and HDDs for metadata and the backup storage pool.

Recovery-943 provides RAID-1 protection for OS and metadata, and RAID-60 across its 36 3TB backup storage drives, as well as hot-swap capability and dual power supplies. The solution offers Unitrends’ byte-level adaptive deduplication technology, which combines inline compression with post-processing data deduplication. It also offers failover virtualization recovery during Windows or VMware system failures.

The new appliance offers dissimilar bare metal recovery, which recovers server images to dissimilar physical or virtual hardware. Recovery-943 can be used as part of a Unitrends disaster recovery solution in conjunction with Unitrends private cloud appliances or its Vault2Cloud public cloud solutions


Recovery-943 is now available at $99,995 through the end of 2012. Standard pricing will be $129,995, or $1,042 per raw TB and $2,000 per backup TB.

Unitrends Recovery-943 Datasheet

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