by Lyle Smith

Unitrends Release 7.0 Next-Generation Software Announced for Physical and Virtual Backup and Recovery Appliances

Unitrends, provider of all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery solutions, has announced Unitrends Release 7.0. This next generation software powering of physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances boasts data protection in virtualized and cloud environments, all the while providing an expanded range of platform and enterprise application support.

Unitrends’ Recovery Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliances offer unified data protection across heterogeneous environments. Now that these solutions are powered by Unitrends 7.0, they can give companies unprecedented flexibility for optimizing backup and recovery in virtualized and cloud environments along with new capabilities that include:

  • Hot-hot replication and retention – Simplifies disaster recovery by eliminating cumbersome and expensive two-step disaster recovery operations. This capability keeps disaster recovery sites active, online and continuously updated – expediting disaster recovery processes and preventing data loss due to backup windows.
  • Private virtual machine spin-up – Enables companies to instantly spin up a virtual machine in the cloud to add another layer of redundancy to their disaster recovery infrastructure. This capability can keep businesses running and data accessible even when on-premise locations experience total outages.
  • VMware SAN direct backup and recovery – Reduces backup windows, recovery time objectives (RTOs) and local area network traffic by performing fabric-based backup and recovery of virtual machines residing on SAN storage.
  • Application-aware VMware backups – Enables increased application aware integration for VMware HOS (host operating system)-based backups and ensures application consistency during and after the backup.
  • Private one-click recovery – Enables instant recovery for VMware on the replication target and direct bare metal recovery and system recovery at the off-site premise location.
  • Cloud-sourced deduplication – Increases cloud storage capacity and improves data retention by extending deduplication functionality to data in the cloud.

In addition to SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange support, Unitrends extends its data backup and recovery functionality to even more enterprise-level applications by offering Oracle and Microsoft Office SharePoint support for native application protection. Additionally, Unitrends 7.0 has agent push simplification, which deploys installation and upgrade Windows agents from the backup appliance. As a result, this decreases total cost of ownership and lowers time-to-value.

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