by Kevin OBrien

Viking Modular Shows Off 1.4M IOPs in 1U SATADIMM SSD Equipped Server [SNW Spring 2011]

Today on the SNW Spring 2011 show floor, Viking Modular showed off their SATADIMM-equipped 1U SuperMicro server capable of up to 1.4 million IOPs. Decked out with 8 480GB standard 2.5-inch SSDs plus 16 480GB SATADIMM SSDs, the server offers up to 11.5TB of speedy storage. The main purpose of this demonstration is to show off how Viking Modular can make use of under-utilized space in a sever environment with the unique SATADIMM form-factor that has a footprint 75% smaller than a standard 2.5" SSD.

In November of last year, we reviewed the 200GB previous-generation of the SATADIMM SSD, which made use of the SandForce SF-1500 controller and had an upper limit of 30,000 IOPs. Currently in the works is a next-gen SandForce model, boasting the 60,000 IOPs figure which what is quoted for the server shown above to get to the 1.4M IOPs rating. We hope to have one of the new SATADIMM SSDs in for review soon and can't wait to put the slender SSDs to work.

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