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Violin Concerto 2200 All Flash Array with Deduplication and Compression Announced

Violin has announced the availability of data deduplication and compression capabilities for its all flash arrays in conjunction with the new Violin Concerto 2200 appliance. The new solution consists of two high availability Concerto 2200 systems which can deduplicate and compress data to target LUNs on either a Violin 6000 or 7000 series all flash array. This solution is oriented towards virtual desktop and virtual server environments where Violin expects customers to experience between deduplication rates between 6:1 to 10:1.

Violin Concerto 2200 AFA

The Concerto 2200 offers granular, inline deduplication and compression which can be configured to only service workloads benefitting from these data reduction services. The Concerto 2200 supports mixed and multiple workload environments and can be configured at the file, share, and share group level.

The LUNs being serviced by the Concerto 2200 can be entirely on one array or scaled across up to four arrays for high availability. A management dashboard is available to analyze the effective rate of deduplication per workload in order to evaluate whether to remove a share from deduplication or add other similar workloads based on the rate of data reduction. 

Violin has not provided details on pricing, but the company did announce that the Concerto 2200 will be priced at so that, assuming a 6:1 data reduction ratio, it can store 672TB usable at cost of approximately $1.81/GB or 2,500 persistent VDI desktops at approximately $75/desktop.


Concerto 2200 data reduction solutions for NFS environments are available now. Deduplication and compression functionality for block storage environments are expected in early 2015.

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