by Brian Beeler

Virident Announces 4.8TB FlashMax PCIe Application Accelerator

Virident has announced plans to release new versions of their FlashMax PCIe application accelerators in capacities up to 4.8TB, well exceeding top-end capacities of competitive cards in the market. Virident is able to achieve the boost from today's 2.2TB Flashmax II limit by leveraging higher density NAND paired with controller and firmware improvements to manage the larger NAND pools. Virident will continue to offer the larger capacity cards in a half-height, half-length form factor with MLC NAND.

While industry adoption of PCIe-based flash application accelerators has been significant around specific applications like mission critical databases, to get deeper penetration into the host-side storage market flash products need to boost their capacity options. Virident with the 4.8TB card is poised to meet this capacity need, while still presenting the card as a single storage volume to the host system. 

The new cards will of course integrate with Virident's new software suite, FlashMax Connect, which is server-side software that enables additional features like high availability, shared storage management and data caching.


The 4.8 TB FlashMAX Capacity model will be available in the second half of Q4 2013.