by Lyle Smith

VMware, Cisco, NetApp and Equinix Announce the “OneStep” Adoption of Desktops as a Service

VMware has announced a new turnkey Desktops as a Service (DaaS) solution related to their ongoing efforts in aiding cloud providers who want offer simple and cost-effective DaaS. VMware's partnership with best-of-breed technology from leading cloud vendors are set to deliver the industry’s only turnkey solution for service providers offering DaaS.

The new “OneStep” solution is a collaborative effort between VMware, Cisco, NetApp, and Equinix, enabling a foundation for service providers to deliver the most cost-effective DaaS offering in today's market. Many service providers want to provide their customers with cloud-hosted desktops; however, the DaaS market is growing exponentially and many of these providers find the process a bit daunting, especially getting to a profitable production environment. Cloud services have unique requirements that differ from traditional in-house IT infrastructures and some who have tried to retrofit a solution that works perfectly for in-house use-cases into a cloud model have run in to some serious issues. Additionally, best-of-breed infrastructure stacks that are purpose-built for cloud workloads are virtually impossible to achieve from a single vendor. The OneStep solution, however, offers one validated solution that will deliver highly scalable, cost effective DaaS.

By creating a combined solution, complete with a customized DaaS financial model, NetApp Capital Solutions will allow service providers to minimize their cash outlay to better focus on building their business as well as develop customer demand. Signing one contract takes an enormous amount of process and administration out of the procurement activity for service providers, which is something that is often sought but rarely accomplished with multi-vendor best-of-breed technology stacks.

To learn more, navigate to the VMware Horizon DaaS Platform website or the VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) for partners.

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