by Adam Armstrong

VMware Rebrands VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to VMware vCloud Air

VMware Inc. has announced it is rebranding VMware vCloud Hybrid Service to VMware vCloud Air. VMWare vCloud Hybrid Service used preexisting tools to extend customers data centers into the cloud and is available in three service offerings: disaster recovery, dedicated cloud, and virtual private cloud. Along with the rebranding comes new improvements that will provide greater choice and flexibility to businesses that want to capitalize on the advantages of the hybrid cloud. The name change underscores the company's commitment in delivering value as-a-service solutions to their customers' hybrid cloud platforms.

Aside from the benefits already provided by VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware vCloud Air allows customers to choose local cloud service providers from the ecosystem of VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners. Customers will be able to use a new partner badging system when selecting VMware vCloud Air or VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers, with future badge validations that will promote additional partner cloud services. VMware vCloud Air customers will also see hybrid cloud acceleration with partners. Service providers such as Fujitisu, NTT Com, and Rackspace will be better able to provide customers with more cloud service options, greater visibility, and provide optimal solutions by participating in the VMware vCloud Air Network.

Additional benefits include:

  • Multiple compliance certifications, infrastructure and application services in managed and self-service environments as well as vertical market specializations
  • Data sovereignty provided through local VMware vCloud Air datacenters and VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers
  • A seamless transition from on-premises to the cloud for VMware customers

Availability and pricing

VMware vCloud Air is now available and future as-a-service offerings will carry the Air brand suffix as well. Pricing is available on their website and customers can use on online calculator to find the pricing to their tailored needs.

VMware vCloud Air page

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