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VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 Announced

VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 is being released with enhanced versions of vSphere, vCloud Connector, vCloud Director, vCloud Networking and Security, and vCloud Site Recovery Manager - allowing best-in-class automated operations management, virtualization aware security, automated business continuity, and superb platform reliability. With this software, organizations can provide cloud services that facilitate agile application provisioning, availability, security, and compliance with policy based governance. The updated version of vCloud Suite (v5.5) also includes greater support for compute power.

VMware vSphere 5.5 provides an even greater level of high availability (via vSphere App HA) which allows recovery from application or operating system failures. On top of that, vSphere Flash Read Cache enables the virtualization of server side flash to lower application latency, and vSphere Low Latency minimizes latency for business critical applications. Also in the suite, vSphere Big Data Extensions provides the ability to run Big Data workloads and Apache Hadoop, along with other applications to improve resource utilization. The new Pivotal Cloud Foundry for vSphere enables customers to run Cloud Foundry on their own vSphere infrastructure.

In addition to the new features above, the following enhancements are included in the new release of VMware vCloud Suite 5.5: vSphere configurations now support twice the number of CPUs, memory, and NUMA nodes; there is support for next generation Intel Xeon E5 v2 and Intel Atom C2000 processors; vSphere Data Protection allows restores directly to a host without using VMware vCenter; vSphere Replication now delivers multiple point-in-time snapshots and support for Storage DRS and Storage Motion.

VMware vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Operations Management Suite deliver an integrated capability for administrators to deal with capacity, configuration management, and performance issues. Those are both available in all versions of vCloud Suite 5.5. VMware vSphere Site Recovery Manager 5.5 will have more granular control of restores and also will be able to replicate larger environments. VMware vCloud Connector 2.5 has new features such as Offline Data Transfer (transfer of large workloads to vCloud Hybrid Service), and it includes UDT protocol support (shortens transfer time and provides path optimization to speed up single and multiple concurrent transfers).

Pricing and Availability

Three editions of VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 are now available: Standard ($4,995 per CPU), Advanced ($7,495 per CPU) and Enterprise ($11,495 per CPU).

VMware vCloud Suite

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