by Brian Beeler

VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) To Hit GA Next Week

In a webcast today, VMware announced their Virtual SAN (VSAN) software defined data center tools would be generally available next week, ahead of VMware's own schedule for release. VSAN was announced at VMworld in August of last year and has been well received by both storage vendors and the some 12,000 users that have enrolled in the VSAN beta program to date. VSAN gives unprecendented access to redundant nodes that combine compute and storage, layering into the virtualization environment that is managed through VMware's vSphere client. 

Other announcements revealed today include news that the number of supported nodes has been increased to 32. At launch, VMware indicated 8 nodes would be supported, and then at VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) last month, they upped it to 16. Nodes can be configured purchased through partners or IT admins can roll their own solutions including a long list of SSDs, HDDs and storage controllers that are on the VSAN compatibility list. Should an organization want a pre-built node, there will be 13 different options between Cisco, IBM, Dell and Fujitsu at launch, many more to come. 

The most popular questions during the event were around licensing types and costs. VMware did not disclose that information today, though it's expected next week at the formal GA launch. 

VMware VSAN Product Page

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