by Lyle Smith

Wave Systems Now Offering Complete Management of Samsung’s 840 EVO SSDs

Wave Systems has announced that it is offering complete management of Samsung’s 840 EVO SSDs in order to deliver stronger security and data protection. Both Wave Cloud and EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS) were validated by Samsung for the drives, which support the Trusted Computing Group (TCG)’s industry-standard Opal specification. This release makes for an important step forward in the adoption of the Opal TCG standard.

Using the industry’s most compact 10-nm class 128GB high-performance NAND flash memory, Samsung's new drives deliver improved sequential read and write speeds. The 840 EVO series also offers up to 1TB of capacity, allowing for high-storage volume and performance on even ultra-slim notebooks.

The Samsung drives' security and manageability capabilities will be significantly improved when paired with Wave’s EMBASSY Remote Administration Server (ERAS) or Wave Cloud 2014. ERAS is the only management solution that has drive initialization, user management, drive locking, user recovery and crypto erase for all Opal-based, proprietary and solid-state SEDs, and Wave Cloud 2014 is the only cloud-management solution for SEDs on the market today.

The combined solution will be available for consumers through trusted channel partners such as CDW and SHI, as well as large OEMs.

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