by Lyle Smith

WD App and New Storage Features for Windows 8 Announced

WD has announced its comprehensive support for new Windows 8 storage features as well as an app for the new Windows user interface, making it easy to discover, enjoy, and backup digital media and files. The new WD app for Windows 8 automatically finds digital content on users’ WD direct attached storage solutions and then displays the photos, videos, and music on a live tile on the Start screen. Additionally, users can seamlessly find their digital content and share their media through email and social media websites using the Share charm. The WD app is automatically installed by Windows 8 on certified WD products; it can also be downloaded from the Windows Store.

WD products support the new Windows 8 File History backup application feature, which simplifies the process of computer backup and makes it easy for users to schedule automatic backups to any hard drive attached to the computer or on the network. It also simplifies the automatic, periodical back up of personal files stored in Libraries, Desktop, Favorites, and Contacts folders, reassuring customers that their important files are backed up.

Additionally, WD drives supports the new Storage Spaces feature on Windows 8, allowing customers to make multiple external hard drives appear as a single storage volume. Users can also combine Storage Spaces with File History to create redundant backups for enhanced security.


The WD app for Windows 8 is now available in the Windows Store.

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