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WD Arkeia DA1300 and DA2300 Backup and Recovery NAS Announced

WD is announcing its Arkeia DA1300 and DA2300 NAS that provide all-in-one backup and disaster recovery for SMBs. WD's announcement comes on the heels of more and more SMBs showing interest in this type of appliance-based solution that is both affordable and secure. Both of the new offerings, the DA1300 and DA2300, ship bundled with the WD Arkeia v10.1 software, as well as unlimited numbers of file/folder backup agents on any of over 200 distinct platform types (such as Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Novell or BSD). The software also delivers WD's Progressive Deduplication to reduce the storage volume size and provide more efficient backups.

The Arkeia DA1300 and DA2300 ship with a new cube design which measures 8.1" x 6.3" x 8.8", among the smallest in the industry. The Arkeia DA1300 also features an Intel Atom dual-core processor, while the DA2300 utilizes Intel Xeon processors. The DA2300 also features SSDs to boost performance, just like the top-end rack-mounted applicances in the WD Arkeia line.

As for storage, the DA1300 utilizes the WD Red NAS HDDs, which we have reviewed, while the DA2300 features WD Se HDDs. Raw storage capacity ranges from 4 TB to 8 TB for the DA1300 and 8 TB to 16 TB for the DA2300. Both appliances are field upgradable, and disks are configured in RAID 1. The appliances also features an integrated LCD display for quick, simple alerts to the administrator.

Pricing and Availability

The WD Arkeia DA1300 will be available in late September, and the DA2300 model will be available later in the Fall. The MSRP starts at $3,490 for the 4TB DA1300 model.

WD Arkeia Backup Appliances

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