by Adam Armstrong

Zadara Announces iSER VPSA STaaS

Zadara Storage announced its new high-perfromance storage as a service solution, the Zadara iSER VPSA (iSCSIExtensions for RDMA for Virtual Private Storage Array). iSER VPSA is a new private cloud storage solution that is using a first of its 40 Gigabit Ethernet to boost performance at a lower cost than Fibre Channel. Zadara is the first vendor offering a storage array that supports 40GbE.

The Zadara iSER VPSA was developed in collaboration with Mellanox (the developer of the RDMA 40 Gigabit Ethernet NIC). The STaaS works by delivering iSCSI storage traffic over 40GbE directly to applications’ memory buffers, which minimizes latency and increases throughput at every step. While the iSER VPSA will help block-based storage see significant improvements, latency-sensitive databases will see the most improvements in their TPS count.

As with other Zadara Storage soutions, iSER VPSA incorporates the same hallmark multitenancy, high QoS, dedicated, private drives, hourly metering, consumption pricing, and full suite of enterprise storage features. The Zadara Storage iSER VPSA is the ideal solution at boosting performance, minimizing latency, and increasing throughput using iSER over RoCE all the while being comparably priced to ordinary Ethernet solutions without RDMA capabilities.


Zadara iSER VPSA is available to customers of the recently announced Zadara On-premise as a Service offering who use Mellanox iSER compatilble NICs on site at no additional cost.

Zadara Storage website

Mellanox's Site

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