by eugene

4 Drives Added to Performance Database

Results for a final production model VelociRaptor, WD's performance-oriented terabyte Caviar Black, WD's mobile 7200 RPM Scorpio Black, and Hitachi's 500 GB notebook monster have been added to the performance database.

Some relevant comparisons:

VelociRaptor - Beta vs. Final version

WD's 10,000 RPM drive loses a bit of ground in the Office DriveMark 2006 but delivers improvements in all other single-user tests as well as an across-the-board increase when it comes to server-oriented performance.

WD Caviar Black vs. Samsung SpinPoint F1

Samsung's SpinPoint F1 delivers 1000 gigabytes of storage utilizing just three platters coupled with a roomy 32 MB buffer. WD has finally introduced a performance-oriented terabyte design (their first effort, the Caviar GP, concentrated on low power draw rather than speed) that adopts Samsung's innovations. The results are impressive... the Caviar Black bests the SpinPoint F1 in 13 out of 14 performance tests. The WD's multi-user scores are of special note, easily the best we've seen from any 7200 RPM drive.

WD Scorpio Black vs. Hitachi Travelstar 7K200 vs. Hitachi Travelstar 5K500

WD's first 7200 RPM entry in the mobile-drive arena scores impressively, delivering noticeable performance gains over the previously best-of-class Travelstar 7K200. As one might expect, the 5400 RPM Travelstar 5K500 can't keep up with 7200 RPM drives but nonetheless delivers half a terabyte of mobile storage coupled with respectable performance.