by Josh Shaman

AC&NC Announces JetStor 712U Unified Storage Systems

AC&NC announced the JetStor 712U suite of ZFS-based unified storage systems that can function simultaneously both as NAS and SAN and are designed for SMBs. These systems support both SAS and SATA drives so that businesses can achieve performance and capacity to meet the needs of archiving and application speeds. These 12-bay 2U Jetstor platforms offer real-time data compression, thin provisioning and block-level data deduplication which takes place in the cache. The devices are designed to be a truly unified storage system and as such offer lots of compatibility. The JetStor 712U work with both clients and servers in VMware, Windows, UNIX, Mac, Novell or even mixed environments. They also support several protocols (Windows CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, WebDAV, iSCSI) which helps users to reduce costs - a significant factor for budget-conscious SMBs who don't want to purchase servers for each protocol.

The JetStor 712U platforms are ZFS-based; ZFS was developed by Sun Microsystems and is a public-domain file system that stores data in unified storage pools called zpools. This removes the need for volumes. The file system also hot caches frequently accessed data from HDDs to SSDs. ZFS technology includes functions users need to ensure that their data is securely stored including: snapshots, end-to-end data checksums, and self-correction of silent data corruption. It also supports RAIDZ and RAIDZ2.

The JetStor712U platforms are designed to be energy efficient. They spin down drives that are idle and adjust fan speed based on temperature. To provide enterprise-class storage that is more manageable for SMBs, 712U platforms also offer a browser-based RAID Manager system to manage and monitor their devices. They also permit access via mobile devices.

The JetStor 712U comes in 3 models. The first is JetStor SAS 712U chassis which offers six 1Gb Ethernet ports and 8GB of default cache memory. The JetStor SAS 712U 10G features two 10Gb and two 1Gb Ethernet ports as well as 16GB of cache memory. Both of these use Intel Core i3 processors. The remeaning model JetStor SAS 712U 10G+ is the most premium model. It also has two 10Gb and two 1Gb Ethernet ports like the 712U 10G, but additionally it features more robust specifications via Intel Xeon E3 processors and 32GB of cache memory.


The JetStor SAS 712U platforms are available now and ship with three-year warranties and three-year licenses for McAfee anti-virus protection.

JetStor Family of Raid
JetStor SAS 712U
JetStor SAS 712U 10G
JetStor SAS 712U 10G+