by Adam Armstrong

Actifio Announces 10c

This week the multi-cloud copy data management company, Actifio, announced their newest version of its comprehensive, secure, cloud-centric copy data management platform, Actifio 10c. This update is said to help customers to consume, migrate and use cloud services faster and at lower costs for data-driven transformation initiatives. The name 10c, stands for Cloud, Containers and Copy Data, though they seem to be missing 7c’s. 

Several enterprises are using more than one cloud. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2022 roughly 70% of enterprises will integrate cloud management across their public and private clouds by deploying unified hybrid/multi-cloud management technologies, tools, and processes. Actifio sees growing needs for this and intends to accelerate the process with the release of Actifio 10c. To help customers, Actifio is focusing on three critical aspects of multi-cloud copy data management: instant data re-use, self-service, and elasticity. Actifio has updated its copy data management with eight key capabilities to bring what the company is calling the most mature and versatile copy data platform on the market.

Actifio 10c has eight key capabilities including:

  1. One-Click Multi-Cloud DR Orchestration: Minimize the costs and business impact of downtime by recovering thousands of on-premises VMs, physical servers and cloud VMs with simple one-click DR orchestration in AWS and GCP.
  2. Multi-Cloud Scale-out Recoveries: Reduce recovery time objective (RTO), operational burden and cost of recoveries with intelligent and elastic load balancing from object storage across multiple Actifio instances.
  3. Breaking Object Storage Price/Performance Barriers: Get SSD storage performance at 20% of the costs, from object storage with intelligent read/write caching in SSD storage after instant mount and recovery directly from S3-compatible object storage.
  4. Rapid Cloning of Databases to Containers: Accelerate application test and release cycles by reusing backups to instantly clone multi-TB databases rapidly to Kubernetes managed containers.
  5. Mount & Migrate: Accelerate cloud migration by re-using backups to mount instantly and migrate multi-TB VMs, physical servers, and databases as cloud VMs.
  6. Agentless Multi-Cloud VM Snapshot Management: Reduce operational burden with automated, SLA-driven agentless cloud-native snapshot management of thousands of VMs in AWS and GCP.
  7. Automated Data Management for Databases: Increase application availability for mission-critical databases like SAP HANA/ASE/MaxDB, Oracle, Oracle EBS, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Db2 with incremental-forever application-consistent backup, instant recovery, and rapid database cloning for test/dev anywhere on-premises or in any cloud such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM Cloud.
  8. Direct-to-Cloud VMware Protection: Reduce costs by protecting VMware VMs to cloud object storage with or without an on-premises copy, increase flexibility by storing backups in multiple public clouds, and recover instantly in AWS, Azure, GCP, or IBM Cloud.


Actifio 10c is expected to be generally available in the first quarter of 2020.

Actifio 10c

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